If someone were to visit California, the first place they should go is the Golden Gate bridge. I live close to San Francisco and drive across the bridge every weekend. Its really beautiful and unique. I love driving across it when it’s sunny, because you can see the San Francisco skyline. Of course, you should also go to the beach. Where I live the water is really cold, but the farther south you go, the water is much warmer and the beaches are really nice.

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  1. G’day Elizabeth,
    I’ve driven across the Golden Gate Bridge a few times on my trips to USA. Hard to look at the view though when driving. I went to Fort Point to see the bridge closeup and also pulled over at Vista Point on the northern side of the bridge.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth,
    Reading your post made me remember by trip to San Francisco – I don’t think I went over the bridge but I really enjoyed my trip to Alcatraz and the area around the pier.
    Melbourne Australia

  3. Hello, Elizabeth! Nice to meet you. I’ve always dreamed of visiting California but haven’t had a chance yet. I really hope my dream will come true one day and I’ll follow your advice to cross the Golden Gate bridge.
    There are a lot of beautiful bridges in Russia, too. For example, St. Petersburg, the so-called nothern capital of our country which stands on the Neva river, is known as the city of bridges because there are about 800 of them there. You can even find the “The Potseluev Bridge” or “The Bridge of Kisses” which spurred numerous urban legends.
    We know that California is famous for its beaches. But how many beaches are there in California? What is the name of the most famous beach?
    We would be happy to answer your questions, too, if you check out our blog one day ( See you!

    • Well the closest beach to where I live is Stinson beach, but it’s not famous. It’s beautiful, but the water is really cold. We have to wear wetsuits, otherwise we would freeze.

    • Hi Anastasia,
      It’s really fun to walk across the Golden Gate bridge. You should definitely visit some time. Where do you live?

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